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Montreal Planetarium Time Capsule

What is Montreal planetarium Time Capsule?

Picture credit: Espace pour la vie (Sara Arsenault)

The planetarium is a building or place where the public can entertain and educate by seeing stars, planets, and sky images. The time capsule can protect thoughts, words, and many more to transform it for the next generation.

Quebec students thought to seal a 35- year time capsule for the next generation so that they can know all about the children of this age. Quebec students were in Grade 6. To know about life in 2050, they wrote all about the 2014 provincial French exams. The planetarium Rio Tinto team played a significant role to seal that time capsule offered by the Quebec students in 2015.

“Life in 2050”?

Montreal Space helped the planetarium Rio Tinto Alcan to write assignment for grade 6 provincial exams in 2014. The theme was “what will life be like in 2050” on which students wrote a composition. Students took help from scientists and technology to tell about life in 2050. Students wrote 7, 5000 messages, and only 25 messages made a part of the time capsule.

What was in the time capsule?

Students wrote a collection of letters and gave it to the planetarium Rio Tinto team to seal in the time capsule. Students wrote all about the current activities of institutions and souvenirs, which will secure in mind for a long-time. Twenty-five selected messages were also part of the students' best collection to keep these messages secure in a time capsule. The planetarium team and students looked so excited to expose this time capsule for the generation of 2050. It was a great offer by students to read inspiring messages after 35- years.

Planetarium-related items:

Students, as well as the planetarium Rio Tinto Alcan team, took part in this exhibition. Alcan team added items like an aluminum star, first visitor photo of 2013, uniform, and old planetarium program in a time capsule.

Time Pigeon

Time pigeon is a platform where you can secure your souvenirs for a long-lasting time. It is a famous brand situated in Canada where it is too easy to transform your thoughts in a safe corner. This brand offers which time capsule is better for your objects and how much time it will take to keep your objectives safe and sound.

Here is the website to this brand where you can get detailed information related to the time capsule. Time-pigeon consists of trained-members who can guide you properly.

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