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The Steve Jobs time capsule

In 2013 a very special, 15-foot-long time capsule was found during the show “Diggers” by National Geographic. It was the Steve Jobs time capsule buried in 1983.

Steve jobs by his 1983 time capsule
Ste jobs time capsule

In 1983 a time capsule, known as the Aspen Time Tube, was buried at the close of the International Design Conference. Various items were contributed by attendees, like a Rubik’s cube, name tags or a Moody Blues recording. But the time capsule became famous and known as the “Steve Jobs Time Capsule” because the Apple co-founder Steve Jobs donated the Lisa mouse he used during his presentation at the conference.

The idea was to dig it up in 2000, but that didn’t happen. The 15-foot-long time capsule was lost. The organizers didn’t know the exact spot, where the capsule was buried. So the Steve Jobs Time Capsule was hidden and lost underground for 30 years.

In 2013 the Aspen Time Tube has finally surfaced, thanks to the participation of the show “Diggers” by the National Geographic Channel. The first hole they dug was empty, but they found the time capsule in the second one they dug.

Inside the time capsule have been literally thousands of things. Luckily, many of the items had been protected prior to burial. Much of what was in the tube is still in good condition. It took a while to uncover the mouse, but there it was, besides a Rubik’s cube, a six-pack of Balan

tine beer, and photographs: The Lisa mouse Steve Jobs used during his presentation at the conference 1983.

At the 1983 conference in Aspen, Steve Jobs had spoken about predictions for the technology of the future and had given out cassette tapes of the talk to anyone who wanted one. The theme of the conference was “The Future isn’t What it Used to Be”. The tapes largely disappeared, but 2012 one turned up and is known as the “lost” Steve Jobs speech now. Steve Jobs seems to have predicted future technologies like the iPad, wireless networking and even the Apple’s App Store. And these are just a few of the predictions.

The president of the conference recalled that he put the six-pack beer in the tube because the guys digging up the tube would be sweaty.

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