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Why use a time capsule?


Time capsules have been used for millennia, sometimes on a voluntary basis and other times by pure chance. While you can keep some writing in a notebook or object in the back of your wardrobe, we usually come to a time when we throw it all in the trash or forget where a certain paragraph is in one of our multiple notebooks. A time capsule allows you to isolate these objects and thoughts to ensure that you can find them when the time is right. Aren't you curious about what you would have buried 5 or 10 years ago?

There are thousands of reasons and events for using a time capsule, what will be yours?

Corporate and School

Many schools and companies have sealed time capsules in order to leave a message or a present souvenir of the to their successors. Schools included

an item bearing the colors of their teams, a student newspaper of that day or even a list of this year students. Companies often add their vision of the company for the years to come, a first product prototype or a message which one day they will find as a hidden treasure. Imagine how Steve Job felt when he unearthed his capsule which among many things contained the first Apple computer mouse!

Vous désirez lire a propos d'évènements oû une capsule temporelle a été utilisée?

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Let the ceremony begin!


Preserving your memories and your family heritage is our priority! It is for this reason that we only offer high-end products that are well insulated in order to guarantee resistance to the climate. Our time capsules offer you peace of mind until the time come to rediscover your memorable moments and memories.


Whether it is for a life celebration, a wedding, to immortalize a moment, a corporate event, an inauguration or any other circumstance that deserves to be engraved in time, we have the capsule to meet your needs. In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Contact one of our experts now to see which product is right for you.