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Your gateway to the past and the future!


In an age where memories are digital, Time Pigeon will make it easy to share your experiences, memories and knowledge. We do not time travel, but we can allow your writings and memories to do so. We want people to discover or rediscover the incredible experience and benefits that offer a time capsule. A tool for anyone, all age groups, business or associations, to have their stories enjoyed by future generations.


Whether for the birth of a child, the opening of a new business, the 25th anniversary of an association or a wedding, each of these celebrations is a unique event. A few photos can help you remember or show that evening a few years later, it's true. But...


Now imagine opening a time capsule with inside a note from each person present at that event describing how they are experiencing this celebration, who they are, plus, each of them adding an object that relate to the moment. All this in addition to those photos. You now have a full experience in this capsule.


Time Pigeon aims to offer high-end products personalized to your needs for every occasion. The whole product allowing a simple use which will guarantee to share this event energy in the future and for those who will open it, a trip in the past.


Your story is great to hear, now imagine bringing it to life!

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We are not reinventing the wheel but we are providing an easy, turnkey solution. A way to leave a message, a surprise or even a memory for your children or even your grandchildren. While multimedia improves our lives in many ways, everything remains intangible and temporary. When was the last time you printed a picture? When was the last time you found an old text on a piece of paper that brought you so many memories and even a short film of that moment when you wrote it. Time Pigeon is there for that. We are here to carry your memories with you in the future with our time capsule specially designed to protect your precious moments.


Our story began more than three years ago as we reflected on a way to better appreciate certain moments in our lives and the steps we took to get there. We realized that sometimes the simplest things are the most effective, so a time capsule was the solution! While we realized that time capsules were incredibly expensive, we set out to offer this incredible tool at the lowest possible price while maintaining good product quality and making the experience accessible to everyone.


Too often, we accomplish moments of our life which make us grow and immediately, we take the next step and forget this effort which have allowed us to evolve. After a few years, we barely remember our journey given the speed at which our life unfolds. We live our life in gust and we forget too quickly important moments of our life.


This is why we understood that the best way to take the time to rediscover our past is by burying it for a few years until one day we dig it up and take the time to appreciate all the moments that made us who we are today. We than created the Time Pigeon time capsules, a way to deliver a message and a story to ourselves in the future or even to our descendants.


Browse through our website to discover the time capsule that suits you best!

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